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WP/HO/ Siri Piyarathana Central College is one of the leading Central Colleges in the Country. It has gained its reputation as a popular school among the other schools in Padukka Education Division as well as in Homagama Education Zone in Colombo district.

One can talk about the history of this school beginning from the time period in which the school was formed by venerable Kurugala Piyarathana Thero more than hundred years ago. In 1894, this school was formed with three teachers in the backdrop of Padukka, Moragahathenna temple. This school was started with cad jam huts and later raised up to the standard of a central school on 1st July, 1991 along with the dedicated service rendered by the former principals.

Message of the Principal

“Maniwattha Abhikkama”

“Never stop, go forward”

Creating a qualitative school than a famous one

It is a pleasing fact that our school has been showing characteristics of an exemplary school, through the development of physical and human resources in a massive manner with the timely vision of providing a new production to the new world through quality education, during the past four years.

With the intention of reaching wisdom from an ethical foundation, curricular and co-curricular activities have been elaborated in our school giving priority to religious activities. Counselling programs for parents have been arranged, a healthy learning environment has been created both inside and outside the classrooms and a healthy learning teaching scenario has been provided, the cafeteria is maintained only with healthy food items catering the need of wellbeing of the students, various projects have been conducted to increase G C E ordinary Level and GCE Advanced Level examination results, in order to provide quality education and develop personality of the students with a spiritual background.